Vegito Is The Great Saiyaman is the Third episode of CBFS

Vegito Is The Great Saiyaman



Playable character



Vegito tells Bulma that he need to Defend Hercule City in secret. Bulma creates outfit that disguise him into The Great Saiyaman. Great Saiyaman begins to fight in Hercule City. He saves City from Bandits and Red Shark Gang. Now Vegito needs to save dinosaur named Chobi from Circus. Videl finds out that Vegito Is The Great Saiyaman. So if Videl wants to keep his secret, he must register for The World Tournament.


9.The Transformation

With Bulma's help Vegito can transform into The Great Saiyaman

10.Crime Begins

Crime Begins in Hercule City

11.Super Vegito in The Class

Super Vegito is in the Classroom

12.Mayor is Kidnapped

Mayor from Hercule City is kidnapped Vegito must save him

13.Dinoscape (Deleted Scene)

Vegito must save Chobi from Circus