Vegito is a character of CBFS

Game name Vegito
Anime name Vegito

Super Vegito

Alternate names Vegerot


Debut Vegito Is The Great Saiyaman
Appears in CBFS DB4
Race Saiyan
Family Gogeta - Fusee

Gotenks - Fusee

Gohan - Half-Brother and Half-Son

Chi-Chi and Bulma - Half-Wives

CBFS Vegito

Vegito (Gogetenks) is potara fusion of Gogeta and Gotenks

Vegito is The Great Saiyaman

Vegito appeared as Great Saiyaman, helping people in Hercule City

3 Minutes till Explosion

Vegito searches for 5 Star Dragon Ball. He must defeat Warlord and escape from airship

The Fusion of Gogeta and Gotenks

Gotenks and Gogeta fused into Vegito

Until We Meet SSJ3 Again

Super Vegito registered for the Tournament


Vegito vs Warlord (3 Minutes till Explosion)

Vegito vs Gohan Buu (The Fusion of Gogeta and Gotenks)


  • He's real name is Gogetenks (Gogeta + Gotenks)
  • He's The Strongest Character in CBFS