Nameless Namek is a character from LOSH and CBFS

Nameless Namek
Super Piccolo
Piccolo and Kami
Nameless Namek
Game name Piccolo
Anime name Piccolo
Alternate names Kamiccolo
Debut Out of Shells
Age 506
Appears in LOSH CBFS JB (as Piccolo)
Race Namek
Date of birth 242 Age
Address Kami Lookout
Occupation Guardian of Earth (former)
Family Kami - Fusee/Good Counterpart

Piccolo - Fusee/Evil Counterpart's son

LOSH Nameless Namek

Nameless Namek is a Namekian without name and The Fusion of Piccolo and Kami

Out of Shells

Piccolo and Kami fused into Nameless Namek

Androids and Cell

Event (Episode) descriptions after fusion see Main Article: Piccolo