Episode List of Legacy of Six Heroes

(Alternate Titles)

Trunks Saga

Episode 1 Trunks - The Second Hybrid Super Saiyan (The Horrible Future Begins. Gohan's Death)

Episode 2 Hercule vs Frieza (The Lord of The Universe Returns. Another Super Saiyan?)

Episode 3 Ohh Androids Ohh (The Story of Artifical Humans. Boy from the Future)

Hercule Saga

Episode 4 Hercule Satan - Super Star

Episode 5 Crazy West City

Episode 6 Between Past and Future

Episode 7 The Chase

Android Saga

Episode 8 The Day of Androids

Episode 9 Data Error

Episode 10 The Revenge of Dr. Cooler

Episode 11 More Quests

Episode 12 Die Android 18 Die!

Piccolo Saga

Episode 13 Out of Shells

Episode 14 Wild Cell Appeared

Episode 15 Double Vegeta

Cell Saga

Episode 16 Freeze!!!

Episode 17 V.A.C.T.

Episode 18 Limits

Cell Games Saga

Episode 19 Find em' All

Episode 20 Around The World with 3 Dragonballs

Episode 21 Super Saiyan Fire

The Earth's Strongest Movie

Episode 22 The Last Wish