Hercule is a character from LOSH and CBFS

Hercule Satan
Game name Hercule
Anime name Hercule

Mr. Satan

Alternate names The World Champion
Debut LOSH:Hercule vs Frieza

CBFS:Hercule or Not Hercule

Age 29 (LOSH Episode 2-7)

31 (LOSH Episode 7-22)

38 (Episode 5-30)

48 (Episode 31)

Appears in LOSH SSJ Goku CBFS JB DB4
Race Human
Date of birth 736 Age
Occupation Martial Artist
Family Videl - Daughter

Gohan - Son-In-Law

Pan - Granddaughter

LOSH Hercule

Hercule is a fake hero of the World

Hercule vs Frieza

Hercule fights Frieza

Hercule Satan - Super Star

Vegeta gave Club Sandwich to Hercule

Crazy West City

Hercule started parade

The Chase

Hercule retrieved City's key for himself


Hercule uses his Super move to defeat Android 17

The Earth's Strongest

Hercule told everyone that he killed Cell

CBFS Hercule

Hercule is liar about him defeating Cell

Hercule or Not Hercule Part 1

Hercule with Z-Fighters arrived to the World Tournament to meet Goku. He registers for tournament as Great Saiyaman

Hercule or Not Hercule Part 2

Hercule lost the match to Trunks, but everyone thinks that Hercule let him win

Goku's new clothes

Hercule finds out about Gohan and Videl. He dosen't trust Gohan.

The Power of Majin Buu

Hercule won the Tournament

Team Hercule

Hercule, Goten and Trunks searches for two last Dragon Balls

Team Hercule vs Broly

Team Hercule must defeat Broly to get all DragonBalls

Janemba's Fury

Hercule became friends with Majin Buu.

Mystic Pikkon

Hercule was saved by Pikkon and Piccolo

Goku's Spirit Bomb Part 1

Hercule tried to defeat Kid Buu

Goku's Spirit Bomb Part 2

Hercule gather energy for Spirit Bomb


Ki Bullet

Hercule Punch




Hercule vs Frieza (Hercule vs Frieza)

Hercule vs Android 17


Trunks vs Hercule (Hercule or Not Hercule Part 2)

Hercule vs Broly (Team Hercule vs Broly)

Hercule vs Kid Buu (Goten's Spirit Bomb)