Goten a.k.a. Gohan Goes to High School is the second episode of CBFS

Goten Goes To High School



Playable character



Back on earth Goten Goku's son goes to High School in Hercule City. Goten is off with nimbus to Hercule City. On the way to school Goten sees bandits robbing the bank. Goten transforms into Super Saiyan so no one can reconize him. In school Goten introduces to class. Then Videl get suspiciuos that Goten is The Gold Fighter. Goten must defend Hercule City wiithout knowing that his a hero.


6.First Day at crime

Goten turns into Super Saiyan and saves city from Bandits

7.Goten in the Class

Goten finds out that Videl is Hercule's Daughter

8.Gold Fighter???

Everyone thinks that Goten is the Gold Fighter