Gohan is a Character from CBFS

Son Gohan
Game name Gohan
Anime name Gohan
Alternate names Adult Gohan

Mystic Gohan

Debut Gohan In The Other World
Age 17 (physically 18) (Episode 1-30)

27 (physically 28) (Episode 31)

Appears in CBFS
Race 1/2 Saiyan - 1/2 Human
Date of birth 757 Age Kid Gohan
Date of death 774 Age (Revived)
Address East District 439
Occupation Writer
Likes Study
Family Goku - Father

Chi-Chi - Mother

Goten - Brother

Videl - Wife

Pan - Daughter

CBFS Gohan

"10,000 Years??? Does everyone have to train that long before they get to train with Grand Kai? "
Gohan In The Other World

Gohan is the First character that appears in Crazy Buu's Fury Series.

Gohan in The Other World

Gohan dies from Cell and now in Other World. Gohan must get stronger to defeat Pikkon in Other World Tournament. When he fights Pikkon, he flies up with Pikkon to Celling, but then suddenly Goku appears in Super Saiyan form and defeats Pikkon

Hercule or Not Hercule Part 1

Gohan (in his Saiyaman Outfit), flies in Bulma's Spaceship to The World Tournament with Z-Fighters

Goku fights in Tournament

When Gohan transforms into Super Saiyan he changes to Goku

The Power of Majin Buu

Gohan used Kamehameha to destroy Majin Buu's egg

Majin Trunks

Gohan wakes up in Rocky Wasteland. He fells that Vegeta energy disappeared, but he felt Piccolo and Krillin's at Kami Lookout. He flies there and explains about Fusion

Goku The Hardest Metal In The Universe

Gohan pulls out The Legendary Z-Sword

Mystic Buu Lives

Super Buu absorbs Gohan and becomes Mystic


Gohan, Piccolo, Goten and Trunks are saved by Goku and Vegeta

Until We Meet SSJ3 Again

Gohan is celebrating the end of Majin Buu


Kid Gohan

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Teen Gohan

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Future Gohan from Alternate Timeline

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Ki Blast

Instant Transmission


Super Saiyan

Saiyaman Watch



Gohan vs Olibu (Gohan In The Other World)

Gohan vs Pikkon

Mystic Gohan vs Gotenks Buu (Mystic Buu Lives)