Dr. Gero is a character from LOSH

Dr. Gero
Dr. Gero
Android 20
Game name Android 20

Dr. Gero

Anime name Dr. Gero

Android 20

Alternate names Cyborg 20
Debut The Day of Androids
Appears in LOSH
Race Human / Android
Date of death 767 Age
Occupation Doctor


Family Android (16-19) - Creations

Cell - Creation

LOSH Dr. Gero

Dr. Gero is an evil scientist of Red Ribbon Army

The Day of Androids

Android 19 and 20 arrived

Data Error

Dr. Gero tried to kill Goku

The Revenge of Dr. Cooler

Dr. Gero ran off to his Laboratory

Die Android 18 Die!

Dr. Gero is killed by Android 17


Goku vs Dr. Gero (Data Error)

[First Time] Dr. Gero vs Goku (The Revenge of Dr. Cooler)

Piccolo vs Dr. Gero [Second Time] (More Quests)

Killed By

Android 17