Android 18 is a character from CBFS and LOSH

Android 18
Android 18
Android 18
Game name Android 18


Anime name Android 18
Debut LOSH:Die Android 18 Die!

CBFS:Vegeta, Vegeta, Vegeta and Vegeta

Age 10 (Episode 4-30)

16 (LOSH Episode 1)

20 (Episode 31)

Appears in LOSH CBFS
Race 1/2 Android - 1/2 Human
Date of death 774 Age (Revived)
Address Kame House
Likes Killing People
Dislikes Cell
Family Dr. Gero - Creator

Android 17 - Brother

Krillin - Husband

Maron - Daughter

LOSH Android 18

Android 18 is an evil android created by Dr. Gero

Die Android 18 Die!

Vegeta fights Android 18


Androids met Cell


Cell absorbed Android 18

The Earth's Strongest

Cell spit out Android 18

CBFS Android 18

Android 18 is an android, a wife of Krillin and Mother of Maron

Vegeta, Vegeta, Vegeta and Vegeta

Vegeta tells everyone that Goku is coming

Hercule or Not Hercule Part 1

Z-Fighters flying to The World Tournament


Z-fighters were teleported to Kami Lookout with Goku's IT

Not Crazy Episode

Z-Fighters were eaten by Super Buu


Android 18 vs Vegeta (Die Android 18 Die!)